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Future London Academy is a London-based design and management educational project that creates immersive learning experiences for professionals worldwide. They asked us for a modern and functional web design that would serve as the essential framework for their project.

It was essential for us to take into account and seamlessly combine two aspects. The Academy offers various courses to their clients, so we aimed for a highly user-friendly design. Simultaneously, the website should not be dull or neutral; it ought to make a strong impression, as it represents a contemporary educational project with renowned speakers and mentors. In crafting our design formula, we kept both these variables in mind.

We aimed to make the main page more playful by incorporating various interactive effects. On the initial screen, we introduced captivating animations and typography distortions. The card section also appears dynamic, thanks to the use of colors and distinctive geometry.

The “Courses" page is more utilitarian and user-friendly. It is divided into significant content blocks, each with a step-by-step navigation. Additionally, we added a fixed course purchase button.

Our web design for FLA aims to emphasize and harmonize what matters most. First and foremost, it brings to the forefront the accessibility and quality of educational programs for creative professionals. Secondly, it accurately communicates the Academy's visual language — its contemporary nature and refined style.

In crafting the design for FLA, we strived to establish a framework that showcases the core values of the Academy and the main functions of the website and used everything that we love – a slick grid, disciplined typography, and interesting animations.


Alexander Gladkikh

Art Director

Anastasia Sokirko

Design Director

Alexander Sarnychev

Account Director

Irina Arpegova


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