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Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Russia's largest and most renowned, started its story in 2008 with a website created by our studio. When they wanted an update in 2015, they came back to us, presenting a much more ambitious task.

Over the years, the museum has grown into a cultural powerhouse, offering a library, research projects, education programs, and tours. Creating a user-friendly website that showcases all these activities was our main goal.

Considering the project's scale, we embraced minimalism and used basic techniques like composition and typography. The concise design doesn't overshadow the information but rather serves as its supportive backdrop.

Together with the Garage team, we revamped the website structure. The most relevant information, such as current exhibitions, is displayed in a slider at the top. Below, you'll find a calendar of upcoming events.

To enhance site navigation, we introduced a "Stream" section on the homepage, where exhibitions, events, and materials from all categories converge. The "Stream" allows for a deeper dive into Garage's current programs. The "News" category was placed on the homepage as the last element.Moreover, we integrated tags in the main section, simplifying the user's interaction with the website.

For the website of such a complex cultural institution, we used a content-focused approach, creating a versatile system of layouts and blocks. This special methodology, honed through numerous challenging projects, allows us to construct pages of any complexity. The result is an aesthetic and intuitive website, offering clear navigation and readability for users, while providing flexibility for the museum team to showcase diverse content.

Garage Museum has a subtle yet distinct character that we strived to emphasize. While maintaining a universal foundation, we paid close attention to finding unique visual details. We meticulously worked on typography, spacing, shapes, and colors, striking a balance between these elements to discover new expressive ideas.

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is a renowned and beloved destination for modern culture enthusiasts. While the museum's main focus is on its events, exhibitions, and programs, the visual identity plays a supporting role. But we aimed to create a unique image, highlighting the character of the Garage and making it stand out in the industry. As a result, we have enhanced the website with user-friendly features, easy navigation, and detailed information about the museum's activities, all presented in a stylish and convenient way.


Anastasia Sokirko

Design Director

Alexander Gladkikh

Art Director

Alexander Sarnychev

Account Director

Irina Yaremenko


Daria Tishchenko


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