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The project for Sarine is one of our most complex and multifaceted. However, this is understandable since it involves diamonds. Sarine, a company that creates advanced technologies for the diamond industry, has made it possible to track the entire diamond-making process transparently. To show this, they came up with the Diamond Journey project, which tells the story of a diamond from when it's found to its arrival to the owner, while also presenting the industry as highly sustainable.


While designing the Sarine website, our goal was to convey its complexity, depth, and dynamic nature while maintaining usability. Like a stone with many facets, our design aims to present the story of diamond creation from different angles.

By seamlessly integrating a wealth of information and employing unconventional and aesthetically pleasing solutions, we aimed to turn the user experience into an authentic journey. We followed the concept of engaging and interactive design that effectively captures the essence of sustainability within the diamond industry.


To make this journey captivating, we decided to embrace a fairy tale concept, slightly dark and cosmic, but still dreamy and playful, with the diamond as the main protagonist. By developing the storytelling structure, we transformed the website blocks into 5 chapters that can be scrolled, giving the impression of one long page.


With a focus on fluid design aesthetics and advanced technologies like AI, we incorporated extensive 3D and 2D animations throughout the project. Two chapters are constructed using 3D animation. The chapter, titled "Birth," delves into the genesis of the precious gemstone within the Earth's depths. While in the "Transformation" chapter, we visually portrayed the diamond-to-brilliant transformation process.

Ensuring cross-device compatibility for the animations was a challenge, but we successfully optimized them for larger screens and adapted the effects for mobile devices.

Each diamond deserves a setting, so we encased the story of its creation within chapters dedicated to the people for whom diamonds were made. These sections emphasize that diamond jewelry surpasses mere luxury, as it carries a narrative, bridges generations, and contributes to a more sustainable future for our planet.

To provide a more distinct separation between the chapters, the background changes from light to dark and vice versa. Additionally, each chapter is characterized by a unique gradient and titled, featuring an additional refractive effect, akin to peering through diamonds.

The project includes a lot of information and facts. We placed additional data in pop-ups, without overcrowding the main page. It enabled us to reflect all the details about the positive impact at each mining location and talk about the significant contributions made by affiliated companies.


Anastasia Sokirko

Design Director

Alexander Gladkikh

Art Director

Alexander Sarnychev

Account Director

Irina Yaremenko


Elena Plotnikova




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